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Hudson Legion branch #115 view from  outside

  The Royal Canadian Legion
  56 Beach Road
  Hudson, Quebec
  J0P 1H0

  tel. (450) 458-4882


Hudson Legion branch #115 executive committee

The following volunteers are part of the executive committee of the Hudson Legion branch for the 2022-2023 season (last update: 2022-Nov-1).



Member since...


Portrait photo of Bill Sansom

Bill Sansom


As the president, Bill Sansom represents the branch at all Royal Canadian Legion events. He also chairs all of the general and executive meetings at the branch. As well, he looks after all matters dealing with District affairs. He is also the Legion Magazine representative for our branch

Portrait photo of Jay de la Durantaye

Jay de la Durantaye
First vice-president


Jay is responsible for all matters dealing with entertainment.

Portrait photo of Peter Mansell

Robin Pelletier
Second vice president and Sergeant at Arms


Robin is one of our two representatives at the District Command..
The responsibilities of the Sergeant at Arms are to maintain order and decorum at all the formal functions taking place at the branch. He is also the Service representative.

2012 photo of Rod Hodgson

Rod Hodgson
Past president



Photo of John Dalgarno

John Dalgarno


Interim executive committee member
John is in charge of the Welfare portfolio.

Place for photo of Peggy Pelletier

Peggy Pelletier


Peggy Pelletier is responsible for membership by maintaining the branch’s membership records and keeping track of membership dues

Placeholder for photo of Terry Connolly

Terry Connolly


The treasurer prepares the yearly budget for the branch and manages the financial aspects of the branch’s operations.

Portrait photo of Jay Oland

Jay Oland
Executive officer


Executive committee member

Place holder for portrait photo of Lise Bernier

Jon Bazar
Executive officer, branch secretary and curling club liaison


Jon Bazar is responsible for keeping records of meetings that take place at the branch, keeping track of documentation and correspondence and is the first point of contact between external bodies and the branch

Prtrait photo of Peter Mansell

Peter Mansell
Executive officer


Executive committee member

Place holder for portrait photo of Bruce Ruiter

Bruce Ruiter
Executive officer


Executive committee member

Photo of Mary Jefferies

Mary Jefferies
Executive officer


Volunteer coordinator